About us

Advancing care and
research for cardiovascular
and renal diseases.

Creating Community

CARE partners with independent clinics across the country and connect them with patients seeking new opportunities to manage their health. Additionally, our experienced investigators train physicians who are new to clinical research to ensure they provide the highest quality care to patients, as well as the highest quality data for their studies.

Applying Our Expertise

We are experts in setting up and conducting clinical trials and systems designed to create quality research. We leverage this expertise to support the independent research sites we partner with. CARE oversees and supervises all aspects of the clinical research trials and provides quality assurance, assistance with recruitment, and business development.

Our Mission

With an emphasis on Cardiovascular and Renal diseases, CARE provides high quality clinical research that makes a meaningful difference in the health of our patients and communities and advances the science and medical knowledge of our industry.

Our Team

Tarek Barbar, MD

Principal Investigator

Hira Siktel, MD

Principal Investigator
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Naeem Rahim

Sub-Investigator & Board Member
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Marianne Nelson, NP


Julie Hollingshead, NP


Denise Barnes, NP